“Every time I have a session with Jenny I feel like I go back in to my life looking through a new lense.”

Sarah Joy

"Jenny brought me home to myself. After many years of physical issues, high anxiety, and a year of traditional therapy, I found myself in her office. After four years of working with her, I feel the most at home with myself than I have in years. My physical symptoms have improved, my anxiety has improved, and I’ve changed my life inside and out in the best direction under her guidance. If this is where I’ve gotten in four years, I can only imagine where I’ll be as I continue to work with her. I wholeheartedly recommend her practice and I know she will help you discover the heart of your pain and the path back home to yourself." -Leah C.

"Prior to starting my work with Jenny, I remember noticing that there was a certain side of myself that would "come out" every now and then and surprise me with her abilities to maneuver social situations with ease, to flow gracefully through difficult discussions with loved ones, to make sure decisions, to find fulfillment and pride in her professional work, to feel secure and supported in her romantic relationship. She was the person who I felt was the most "me," yet she remained hidden and elusive most of the time. I couldn't understand who she was and why I couldn't be her all the time. Instead, I frequently found myself easily frustrated, paralized with anxiety and doubt, and discontent in my relationships and work.

Since working with Jenny over the last year and a half, I've come to understand that I was right about that "most me" version of myself. With Jenny's support and guidance, I've worked to build a strong sense of self, to recognize and believe in my own worthiness and value, and to establish a rooted groundedness to return to when overwhelmed by life's unexpected twists and turns. This process hasn't been without pain or grief. It continually requires daily practice and (sometimes brutal) honesty. But that "me" who once surprised me is now the me that I am. I've learned to attune myself to myself and I am much more open and able to experience the joys of living, of human connection, of a good day's work...an openness and ability that I once thought was just not for me (it's for all of us!). I'm so grateful for my work with Jenny and the richness I've found in life through that work!" -Lacey D.

“I came to see Jenny because I knew I had work to do and needed someone to help me unwind and discover what belief systems were no longer serving me. After one session with Jenny I knew she was going to be the one to hold a safe place for me and challenge me at the same time. Not only does Jenny have a natural ability and curiosity to do this work with you, she has done it herself and knows how to help you find your own way. I have found so much value in working with Jenny and am forever grateful for the work we've done together.” -Stacey B.

“Jenny has been a true guide and mentor in learning how to explore my inner landscape. With the utmost compassion and absolutely no judgement, she helps me bring my subconscious thoughts to the surface where I can examine them and decide for myself which ones serve me and which ones don’t - which ones are my truth and which ones are not. She can lead me to my places of deep fear and vulnerability while supporting me and empowering me to explore them.
 For the first time I feel myself challenging years, maybe even a lifetime, of trying to be small. For the first time I feel myself starting to believe that I am empowered enough to create my life - my life - in a way that resonates with my own truth.
Thank you for all the work we have done together. It has been transformational and I am forever grateful. Thank you.” -Lena M.

“I have worked very successfully with many therapists through the years. However, Jenny's techniques are currently assisting me with a few areas where I remain stuck. Her insights, direction, and point of view have helped me to continue my personal growth. I am amazed every time we meet that she is capable of reaching me and nurturing me to explore and examine long held damaging beliefs. I am replacing those beliefs with a myriad of new truths. Jenny is excellent. I recommend meeting with her to anyone who is ready to grow.”   -Renee T.P.

"After one session with Jenny, I felt more relief than I'd felt in months, and as I kept working with her, the relief lasted for longer stretches of time. My body was healing. I realized that there were emotional as well as physical components of my pain, and Jenny helped me to access the deeper roots of what I was experiencing. She has taught me how to process my pain rather than just deal with it. Since working with Jenny, I have a deeper awareness of how my mind and body interact, which has resulted in more meaningful healing."  -Bethany S.

"I really don't know what I'd do without Jenny and the online holistic counseling she provides.
She's a true gem, so intuitive, so patient, always there. Thank you, Jenny, for all you do!"  -Brit K.

"Jenny has been instrumental in my personal growth. She’s helped me discover the true root of emotional and physical issues that kept getting in my way. Shes helped me connect to myself, set boundaries and give myself grace. And most of all she’s created a space I can be fully me - that alone is beyond valuable."  -Caitlin G.

"Jenny is intuitive in her approach and has deep insight into the connection between mind and body. Based on this insight, she is able to uniquely determine a customized approach for each client. I recommend her work without hesitation. "  -Bryan N.

"Jenny is thoughtful and knowledgeable. Always seeking the highest health and good of her clients."  -Julie O.

“I feel so grounded.⁣ I feel so powerful.⁣ I feel 𝘴𝘰 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦 𝘮𝘺 𝘴𝘦𝘭𝘧.⁣
⁣I feel supported and protected; there is a definite boundary between my energy and the energy of others which feels so strong and good and right. It’s just so good.⁣
⁣It feels like a culmination of a lot of the work we’ve been doing together and I’m seeing it. I am seeing it being manifested so quickly in my life. It’s unreal. So thank you.”⁣  -B.K.

"I knew right away that you had done the work. That you were doing the work. You were the first person to challenge me in a way that still held space for me but also felt more like a sister who had a knowing because they had gone through it and just wanted you to see your light." -SB

"Jenny creates a warm and caring, yet direct and down-to-earth exper

ience. I appreciate Jenny's knowledge of the body combined with her willingness to hold space for verbal exploration at the same time. Not an easy (or common) task!"  -Rachel DK

"Jenny is intuitive and creates the space needed for the body and the mind to heal. She is communicative and recaps the session and offers helpful suggestions and is always deepening her understanding of her profession. Highly recommend making her!" -Benjamin R.

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