Jenny's work centers around guiding you toward knowing what
so that you can create and maintain a strong, clear, and accessible sense of self.

Your sense of self is the felt sense in the core of your body. It is where you are the most you. It is what you reference to discover the answers to all of your questions, questions that sound like “how does this experience feel to me?’ or “what do I want?” Having a sense of self allows you to reference your self and your wants, needs, desires, and divine messages rather than that of others.

Having a sense of self is a skill. As with everything, building your sense of self, or your “core”, is a practice. It requires you to not only practice bringing your attention to the very center/core of your body so that you familiarize your self with what you energy feels like, but it is also the work of identifying what it is that has prevented you from being connected to the space where you are the most you in the first place. That disconnect - and anything that contributes to that -  is trauma.

Most people have been expected to self abandon and reference externally. We often collectively think of trauma as a sudden, acute event; the death of a loved one, a car accident, unexpected medical issues, procedures, or surgeries, etc. But things like emotional neglect, physical/mental/emotional/sexual/spiritual abuse, not having our needs met as children, and other developmental and relational dynamics that cause us to create habitual patterns of self forgetting is trauma too.

As a result, belief systems take root. And as we grow in to adulthood we repeat behaviors based on these old, outdated belief systems that were instilled in our bodies and psyches, as well as associated emotions and energies we’ve likely repressed as a safety mechanism. We live our lives lacking an awareness of the ways we are just repeating patterns that don’t actually work for who we actually are, in the core of our being.

The beautiful thing about our brains, bodies, and nervous systems is that though trauma can change our brains and create new neural pathways, so too can healing. You create your reality. You decide what is true about you and your world. Not your conditioning.

Developing a sense of self requires practice. Every part of the process is a practice. There is no arrival or end point. The only point of arrival we should ever strive for is any time we have found ourselves in moments where we have chosen to remember ourselves, in presence, through our practices.

So how do we choose ourselves? By making the unconscious conscious. By asking the right questions. By recognizing the patterns and instead of engaging in the old cycles, trying something new. Catching ourselves when we find ourselves swirling about in cycles and patterns and calling upon our practices to anchor us back in to our core, back in to present moment conscious awareness.

There is so much that we have access to in presence. Our sense of self, our intuition, our messages and insight from our spirit guides and God/Universe/Source/Spirit, our resources for self soothing and self keeping, and all the answers to the questions we seek. Unless its just not time yet. Then we just keep practicing.

To guide you through and to these practices, Jenny uses holistic counseling. Holistic counseling is a technique that allows her to ask you the right questions to identify limiting belief systems at the root of suffering and repeated patterns and cycles. She utilizes energy management techniques so that you can practice feeling your energy, familiarizing your self with what it feels like so that you can begin to differentiate between what's yours and what isn't anymore (and maybe never was). Holistic counseling, learning about and knowing your energy, and somatic therapies/awareness are utilized to find your way back to your self.

Whether it's creating boundaries with people in your life, healing old wounds, inner child work, anxiety, depression, chronic pain and other physical dis-ease, learning to recognize and work with your intuition, connecting to your purpose, learning to take up space in your body and your life, working through perceived stuckness,
or navigating spirituality, energetic gifts, awakenings/dark night of the soul, and ascension symptoms, Jenny is committed to helping you recognize cycles of self abandonment and self forgetting, uncovering what is at the root of your suffering, and supporting you in building a strong sense of self and ability to trust your self. You will move forward with new clarity, a renewed sense of self, and an ability to create a life that is based on your authentic truth rather than one that is dictated by old beliefs, patterns, and expectations. You will walk away with your own tools and practices to bring you back to that truth should you ever forget.

Sessions are 60-75 minutes long. Frequency of meetings will vary based on the needs of each individual, but generally occur weekly or biweekly. Sessions occur over Zoom and are $144.

"Curiosity is insubordination in its purest form.” -Vladamir Nabokov





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