The Wisdom of the Body

You guys, I was a guest on a podcast that went live today.


I learned or was reminded of a few things:

• It is much easier to DO my work than to explain or talk about it.

I feel like I did well though for my first shot at it.

• My Michigan accent is still as strong as ever despite having lived on the west coast for a short time.

And I have friends on the west coast who will support this noticing.

• The person that I’m working with- that’s the person who’s really DOING the work.

They’re the one in the arena. They’re the one committing blood, sweat, and tears to their growth. They’re the one doing the deep healing work. Not only during our time together but most importantly after and between our sessions.

I’m not a healer. I’m just there to listen, guide, and reflect. I get to be a witness to the process and I am so grateful that I get to hold that space for people.

• There is so much freedom in sharing.

Whether it’s your truth, your struggle, your pain, or your joy, sharing gives that thing and you space to be in it and with it. It gives you the space to examine all of the ways that thing is or isn’t working for you.

From there the possibilities are truly endless.

Thanks to the podcast host Joanna for going there with me.

I’m sure more will come up for me as this episode continues to permeate in my being. If you want to hear more about the way that I work with people, and the power in the connection between your mind and body, click here.

And let me know what you think in the comments below when you’re done!