October's Giving Practice

I’m here with another Giving Practice update, but I want to paint a picture for you first.⁣


There has been a lot of information made accessible to the public lately about the affects of global warming. The most recent being that if we don’t collectively and globally figure something out soon and take considerable action, in twenty years time the affects will be irreversible.⁣

I’ve thought a lot about what my part is in that. I can vote for people who believe in global warming, who believe in science, and who want to take action on a larger scale. I can recycle every last bit of recyclable material that I come in to contact with. I can reduce my consumption, reuse materials like glass jars or use hand towels instead of paper towel. I can walk or take the bus instead of drive. I can support companies who commit to greener practices and use renewable, sustainable energy. There are many ways to hold myself personally accountable.⁣

That doesn’t address the massive emissions of greenhouse gasses caused by human activity that are happening anyway. Along with greener practices and moving away from burning fossil fuels, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change recommends carbon dioxide removal to reduce the gasses that are already in the atmosphere. What do they recommend other than potential technologies that could help with this but will take years, innovation, and measurement before we know what else actually works?⁣

“Reforestation is the #1 climate change solution in a landmark 2017 peer-reviewed study that was led by scientists from over 15 institutions, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which expanded and refined the scope of land-based climate solutions previously assessed by the IPCC. Conservation, or the “avoidance of forest conversion” was 2nd.”⁣

This month, we are contributing 74 more trees to these efforts. October was a big month here at Remembered Practice and you showing up translates in to a lot of really great things, reforestation being one of them. Click here for more about our Giving Practice.