Decompartmentalizing As A Practice In Boundaries


What if showing up boundaried meant standing solidly in the truth of who you are without the responsibility of caring for others through their discomfort as a reaction to you?

What if showing up boundaried meant not protecting your self from discomfort that arises as you show up in that way? Sometimes protecting others from having to feel is a cover up for actually wanting to protect you from your own discomfort that comes with the newness of growth, establishing boundaries, the potential for someone to feel hurt by your actions, and allowing your self to be seen.

I am learning this over and over and over again. That the more I show up in a way that decompartmentalizes who I am, the less I have to care for others while they see me in my truth because I am no longer giving my power to them. The more decompartmentalized I am, the more choice others have in how they relate or react to me and the less energy I have to put in to the false idea that I’m not giving them a choice at all.

When I compartmentalize who I am, not only am I not honoring the path that lead me to uncovering my truth but I am also in a way not allowing others to stand in their own autonomy and power as they see the wounded part of themselves that is deeply affected by my truth. Showing up in full truth is a radical act of love toward your self but also for the people you love and care about, the people that make up your community, and the people who need just as much permission as you once did to just be who they fucking are. Becoming aware of the wound that need healing is often the first step.

Boundaries exist to protect you. It is not your job to create boundaries around your self that soften who you are to protect other people. It’s your job to be your self.

Where do your walls exist? What purpose are they serving? Are they working for you? Most importantly, are they allowing the most authentic sum of all your parts to come through?