Here at Remembered Practice we believe that there is space for everyone to grow, find their freedom, and connect to their truth. Often in that space you will likely need collaboration, connection, and resources that differ depending on where you’re at in your process. Below are trusted and respected friends and practitioners who we believe will support you and your growth with their wide array of expertise and services.


Magnolia Wellness

Kara McNabb is a traditional naturopath and somatic therapist that invites you to explore beneath the surface to discover what will bring you back into wellness. She works with people of all ages, offering an infusion of traditional naturopathy and mind-body therapy. She believes that when you can get to the root, you can begin to heal. From food and herbalism, flower essences and homeopathy to energy work, craniosacral therapy, somatic movement and more, you will have a completely unique experience and walk out with a plan of action created specifically for you.


Tobin Counseling

Tobin Counseling is an open and empowering presence in the Grand Rapids community.  Ashleigh Tobin started Tobin Counseling with the goal of making counseling accessible, representative, and welcoming for ALL. This means people of all genders, sexualities, races, ethnicities, and abilities. You are invited to come as you are. We'll explore who you are, where you've been, and who you are becoming in relation to yourself and others. Ashleigh is  here for you when you're ready to get curious about your own story in a safe and supportive environment.


Rachel Dawson Knapp

Using a combination of naturopathic modalities, Rachel Dawson Knapp primarily uses craniosacral therapy, flower essences, and herbs to facilitate healing in the body. As a natural health therapist in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Rachel emphasizes the connection between the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. She believes that finding balance between these aspects of oneself can bring true wellness. It is her belief that we are created to be well and that each of us has a unique healing path.


Mindful Counseling GR

 Mindful Counseling GR is a counseling practice committed to serving the Grand Rapids area by providing the highest quality counseling and psychotherapy services to their clients. They view symptoms and unsatisfying relational or behavioral patterns as messengers that can guide us toward deeper unresolved core wounds and survival strategies that are no longer serving you well. They seek to move beyond a symptom management or behavioral modification strategy, to honor their client's sacred stories, and accompany them on a longer term journey. They recognize that this is not necessarily a quick process, but they have experienced that it is the most effective in cultivating true insight, healing, and transformation.


Continuum Healing

Micah McLaughlin is a Psychospiritual and somatic practitioner specializing in the integration of the body and mind. Micah uses the traditional naturopathic tools of iridology, sclerology, muscle testing, holistic counseling, and facial/fingernail/tongue analysis to find the root of his clients’ health complaints.



DECC is a function-focused wellness center. They use chiropractic principals to develop personalized care plans. Through natural, non-evasive practices they can help guide you to end destructive patterns and re-unite your body with its ability to optimally function. They are not treatment based, but potential based.