Intuitive Movement Workshop
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Intuitive Movement Workshop

The body tells many stories. The stories you've stored there layer by layer are traumas, emotional wounds, unconscious belief systems, and patterns that you've embodied throughout your lifetime based on your experience and environment. These stories have shaped how you show up in the world, how you stay safe, how your body exists, and how you take up (or don't take up) space. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to explore parts of your associated stories with movement.

The body has a language of its own. While there are many tools and therapies to access and integrate parts of your associated stories, sometimes there are things that live in the body that can’t be expressed using words. We will use mediation, writing prompts, and intuitive movement to explore what it is your body has to say, what those movements could be telling you, and how you can begin incorporating a movement practice of your own in to your self care. You will leave with a new awareness around using movement as:

  • a way to have a deeper understanding of how your mind and body interact
  • a new awareness of what it’s like for you to be in your body
  • a new outlet for creative and intuitive expression
  • a new tool for self care

This workshop is all about freestyle movement; it is not choreographed. Each person’s movement will be unique to the individual. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for easeful movement (yoga pants, sweats, shorts, t-shirts, tank etc). There is time allotted at the end for voluntary open dialogue, questions, and answers. This will allow for more processing or clarity around what you may have been feeling and experiencing. You will be provided with a mini-workbook for a writing exercise. You don't need to bring anything except your self. Just show up.


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You Are A Message: An Intuitive Movement Instagram Challenge
to May 13

You Are A Message: An Intuitive Movement Instagram Challenge

You Are a Message is a free Instagram challenge created and hosted by intuitive movement practitioners and somatic educators, Jenny Bork and Victoria Emanuela. What is intuitive movement? It's a personal practice rooted in the foundation of connecting to your body's innate wisdom through internal cues, sensations, and being present in using your body as a way to express these cues without forcing, resisting, or performing movement. It is an act of faciliting the body's ability to naturally express itself and flowing along with whatever that may look like, whether it's rolling around on the floor, wiggling your fingers, or spinning around in circles. 

You Are a Message asks the participant to connect to the dynamic range of sensation in their body, shift their habitual ways of moving, and explore movement therapy as a means to process and express what's happening within themselves in order to heal, grow, and deepen their relationship to their body.It's a week long challenge that starts Monday, May 7th and ends Sunday, May 13th. Participants can sign up to the challenge by obtaining a free ticket and providing a valid email address. You do not need any movement or dance experience to participate! You just need a body and the willingness to explore movement in the many ways it wants to be expressed within you, whether seated or standing, twirling or jumping—this is an opportunity to explore your body through intuitive expression. You will be given a daily intuitive movement challenge sent to you via email, along with resources including introspective prompts, playlists, articles, book recommendations, and additional somatic support for that day. 

Participate in this challenge if you want to:

  • Expand your embodiment toolkit through intuitive movement practices, somatic healing, and community. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how you respond to your body's internal cues, sensations, and needs.
  • Learn to process experiences and emotions through the body using the cathartic tool of movement therapy. 
  • Reclaim your ability to express sensations in your body in the present moment.
  • Understand the narratives that have shaped the way you relate to your body.
  • Connect with a community of amazing humans who are also exploring somatic expression.
  • Allow your body to do what it needs to release, aka, move like you've been possessed by Elvis.
  • Reclaim movement as your own and not how society expects you to use your body.
  • Have fun!
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