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"When asked to think about how I felt internally and express that externally through my body, I could tell I had
barriers. It was hard for me to even find an answer in my mind, let alone express it with my body. I moved very little.

In question two, I was prompted to think about the space I was in. I moved more in expression of large, open, expanding arms and legs. The room reflected that.

Then in question three, I was invited to express through movement how I felt within the room. I proceeded to move with my eyes closed for what seemed like five minutes. Looking back, journaling at the end of the day, I thought about this three-part dance. I reflected on how natural it was for me to convey an emotion for something other than myself, but when it came to my own personal feelings, it was harder to be sensitive to my own body and emotions.

A powerful revealing of a known truth that I've struggled with throughout my adulthood. I was faced with this beautiful lesson through the power of embodiment and I am grateful to have had the prompting of Jenny to lead me through this form of self-compassion and connection." -Sarah K. on their experience in a movement workshop led by Jenny

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