Seeker of truth and freedom.
Avid questioner of all things.

Practitioner of awareness.


Student of life.
Collector of data.
Intuitive feeler.
Always letting everything be a practice.
Rock hunter/enthusiast.
Chocolate connoisseur.
Believer that nature is holy.
A perpetually curious human.

I graduated from Cortiva Institute of Seattle WA in 2010 from 1,000 hour massage therapy program.
I learned how to ask the right questions through studying Holistic Counseling, a form on mind-body belief system exploration, with Dr. Moshe Daniel Block.
I learned about the five energetic patterns of the body with Steven Kessler, MFT.
I studied the John F. Barnes approach to myofascial release.
I studied movement as a tool for awareness with Nick Konow of World Mvmnt, an extenuation of my own personal exploration of intuitive and expressive movement.
I studied and worked with Micah McLaughlin, founder of Continuum Healing and The Vitalist School of Psychospiritual Transformation in Grand Rapids, MI.
I learned how to read The Akashic Records with Jewell Westendorp of Scattering Joy in Santa Fe, NM.
I have a decade's worth of self study outside of training, and worked with thousands of humans/clients over that time.

Jenny created Remembered Practice out of her own personal practice in ending self abandonment and commitment to personal truth and freedom. Through her practice, she realized her passion for helping others come home to themselves and reconnect to their own inner knowing and guidance system. Jenny believes we are all creators, magicians, dreamers, and alchemists, and that it is belief that drives all that we are. That is why her work has evolved in to uncovering unconscious belief systems at the root of discomfort and dis-ease. It is belief that fuels the stories we tell about our selves and is the basis of the worlds and realities in which we create.

Jenny began her career in bodywork, studying massage therapy in 2010. Her work evolved over time, transitioning from traditional massage therapy and other bodywork modalities to the holistic counseling and spiritual guidance that she offers now. She guides people toward knowing what their energy feels like so that they can create and maintain a strong, clear, and accessible sense of self. Using holistic counseling, she helps people get to the root of behavioral, relational, and emotional patterning, belief systems, and other aspects that disconnect people from accessing their sense of self, intuition, and innate wisdom.

She believes in creating practices unique to each individual to help them come back to presence, develop embodied awareness, create a strong connection to their intuition, and create a life authentic to who they are. She also helps navigate spirituality, energetic gifts, awakenings/dark night of the soul, and ascension symptoms. Jenny is committed to helping others recognize and end cycles of self abandonment and self forgetting.


When Jenny is not practicing, she enjoys nomadic living, hiking, exploring the shores of Lake Michigan, building her indescribably large rock collection, traveling, baking, board games, writing, amateur photography, long walks with her dog, and binge watching The Great British Baking Show and Schitt's Creek.

Training and Experience

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