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Remember your truth.

Return to your self. choose your self.



Remembered Practice is a container dedicated to your unique unfolding. It is a process of leading you back to your self. It is a practice in embodiment. It is a practice in finding your freedom and remembering your truth. It is a practice in taking up space and in not abandoning yourself as you and your story continues to evolve and change. It is remembering that this is all just a practice in awareness; life, you, me, us, vulnerability, health, growth, tension, joy, and pain. There is no destination, no mastery, no end point. There is only practice.

Remembered Practice is a practice to strengthen your ability to remember, trust, and remain connected to the most important aspect to your self and your healing:




The body speaks. The stories and energies stored there are traumas, wounds, unconscious belief systems, and patterns that you've embodied throughout your lifetime based on your experience. They have shaped how you show up in the world, how you stay safe, and how you take up space. They are often what has disconnect you from your truest self. Through self observation we will discover what belief systems lie at the root, as well as patterning and emotional and energetic blocks. Once you become aware of what both your body and your spirit are trying to communicate to you, we will ask new questions and explore your experience with curiosity and non-judgement. We can then work toward shedding all of the things that limit who you are, allowing you to step fully in to the lightness of your being.

Ultimately you will have a deeper understanding of how your mind, body, and soul interact.


Our core values:

Seek Truth. It will always set you free and align you with your soul.

Embody Freedom. Deconstruct conventionalism. Claim your unique sovereignty.

Choose unconditional Love. Live from your heart- where presence, nonduality, and nonjudgement reign.

Be decompartmentalized. Gather your parts. You are a spiritual being having a human bodied experience.

Be of service. We are here for each other.

Choose your self. Return to self. Heal your self abandon to heal the epidemic of abandonment of each other and our natural world.