We offer a somatic, body-based approach in reclaiming what it means to be in your body, recreating your personal narrative, and reconnecting to your innate
truth and freedom.


It is a practice in remembering.


Remembering all that you are and have always been. 

It is a practice in reclaiming your body, integrating your associated stories, and recreating your personal narrative. It is a practice in embodiment. It is a practice in finding your freedom and remembering your truth. It is a practice in taking up space and in not abandoning yourself as you and your story continues to evolve and change. 

It is remembering that this is all just a practice in awareness: life, you, me, vulnerability, health, growth, tension, joy, and pain.

There is no destination, no mastery, no end point. There is only practice.

Remembered Practice is a practice to strengthen your ability to remember, trust, and remain connected to the most important aspect to your self and your healing:


Artwork by  Sarah Sun  Photo by  Collette Wright

Artwork by Sarah Sun Photo by Collette Wright

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk, a pioneer in trauma research, says:

“The only way you can change your survival orientation in your brain is by accessing your interoceptive world—the part of your brain that allows you to observe yourself…observing yourself, knowing yourself, being curious about yourself, befriending yourself, taking care of yourself.”


I invite you to say “yes” to yourself.